12 thoughts on “Three In A Swing

  1. Too cute! You can almost tell personalities from this photo…wonder if each of you changed as you got older (personality-wise I mean).

  2. Okay out on a limb here. Both you and Pearl look more serious and you seem more responsible and reserved though there’s humour in both your faces. Barbara looks like she loves fun and is a bit cheek, perhaps because she is (or only looks) the youngest.

    1. Age wise we’re all in a row and Pearl is the youngest. No, I think Barbara was just sticking her tongue out on this one so she gives that appearance. I think the photographer must have been her older sister, Dee Dee. We were different, but I don’t think it was because Barbara was more fun loving.

    1. I don’t think the others read the comments 🙂 It didn’t offend at all. Just made me think about our personalities and where life finds us today after taking our various and different paths.

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