Kennedy Refuses to Support Civil Rights – Demand Federal Intervention in Alabama – May 1963

The Illustrated News was a weekly newsletter put out by my family and some of their friends in Detroit from 1961 to 1964. This issue dealt with the violence in Birmingham, Alabama during 1963 when the violence continued, uninterrupted.  I was a sophomore at Northwestern High School in the spring of 1963.  This is my offering after watching Episode 5 of Many Rivers to Cross. For links to other bloggers writing their response to this series, as well as the other posts I’ve written for earlier episodes, click this link – Many Rivers To Cross – Responses.  To enlarge the pages for easier reading, please click on them.

To read some of my memories of 1963 and see a collage of events, click Remembering 1963.  An article John Kennedy and Civil Rights talks about what his record in civil rights.


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11 Responses to Kennedy Refuses to Support Civil Rights – Demand Federal Intervention in Alabama – May 1963

  1. Luckie says:

    I have to think had I been living and able, I would’ve been a member of your Father’s Church, an adopted cousin joining the family for Sunday dinner and/or a willing volunteer supporting the family’s work in community advocacy! This piece, this paper, blow me away!

    Watching this week’s Many Rivers, I knew it would have special meaning to you, but to read your Father’s [and others who LIVED it] sentiments in respect to the events is unbelievable!

    Makes me aware of how easily with the absence of varying, documented, perspectives, broader society slants and romanticizes historical truths! The Kennedys appear more negligent than reluctant!

    Makes me also aware of what a gift we’re providing future generations of researchers and historians with this work too! NEVER again will our perspectives and insights be absent from the events being remembered.

    Well done Rev. CLEAGE!:)


  2. Susan Clark says:

    Thank you. Our history is complex, messy and nothing like the spun fables we hear. You are sharing rich documentation that expands my understanding .

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this truly amazing piece of family history and national history!

  4. Josna Rege says:

    I love, in Smoke Rings, “The best time to fight for freedom is the time that you don’t have it”! And it is sobering to read, “WIRE KENNEDY DEMAND FEDERAL INTERVENTION IN ALA.”
    Thank you. This piece an important corrective to the rituals of adulation that are inevitably accompanying the 5oth anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination.

  5. Vicky Daviss Mitchell says:

    How well I remember kristin! Thanks for putting this out there.

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