Thanksgiving At My Grandparent’s – 1963

"Thanksgiving at the Grahams"

This was Thanksgiving at my Graham Grandparents house in 1963, East side Detroit.  My grandfather cuts the turkey.  My mother sits on the right.  I am on the left, my sister next to me.  Wonder where my Aunt Mary Vee and my cousins were?  Usually there were four more around the table.  How we all fit I do not know, but we did.  The house is gone now. Everybody in this photo except my sister and I are dead.  We are about as old as my grandparents were.

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  1. I have wonderful holiday memories. Sometimes I wish I could go back and celebrate some over. and this time ask those questions I'll never know the answer to now ;-D

  2. My Uncle Henry. He and my uncle Hugh owned a print shop at that time. Henry used to take and develop a lot of photos then. He would have been standing in the living room to get that angle. It includes most of the room. There was an upright piano right behind my mother and a china cabinet and window behind us. The double window you can see looked out on the backyard. The side window looked out on the alley. The swinging door to the kitchen door was next to the piano. I can't think of any other photos taken inside that house except this one and one other of the same room, same day.

  3. I love this photo. Such a classic Thanksgiving shot. Your commentary also speaks to me. Most of my family is gone and my grandmother's house is gone as well. We'll always have our memories though.

  4. Thank you for posting this, Kristin. For me, this photograph reveals goodness, decency, and reverence on the occasion of Thanksgiving. It reminds me of a Norman Rockwell painting (I visited the NR museum a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised to learn more about the man and what he stood up for); and, more importantly, of what Thanksgiving can mean at its core, without all the excess and the hype: gratitude for family, community, good food, and the abundance of gifts showered upon us every day.
    Goodness–I seem to have gotten carried away in an excess of hype myself! All I mean to say is that I love this picture. Happy Thanksgiving!

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