Three Hats

These are friends of my grandfather, MC Graham (Poppy). I used this photograph before but never as the featured photo. I thought the bowler hat theme was perfect for this.  I don’t know who they are. The photograph was probably taken between 1917 in Montgomery before my grandfather married or 1919 in Detroit. Unfortunately it’s undated and unidentified. I am going by the clothes my grandfather wore that day and in other photos that are dated.

My grandfather and unidentified friend.

This photo is un-photoshopped. I couldn’t get the woman’s face right so I just included it as is. You can see more of the coat in this one. We are left to guess at the dress underneath.

28 thoughts on “Three Hats

  1. I’m in love with the lady’s hat and coat. How stylish! I think 1919 is a good guess. Do you have a picture of her to see her skirt? I’m guessing long and straight, almost pencil-style.

  2. A very beautiful and stylish couple. I have never been fond of the bowler hats but it seems to be made for this man, he wears it with panache.

      1. Well, I exaggerated a bit but nine times out of ten you have force 3 winds here or more. The Netherlands, being a rather flat country, is situated on the shores of the North Sea. And with prevailing westerly winds wearing hats is a tricky business. As far as fashion is concerned, I don’t know any women whose buying behavior is influenced by wind 😉

  3. What a great group of pictures. Your grandfather and his friends are smartly dressed and wear their hats well. The attractive couple in the first photo could be on the cover of a magazine. I love her hat and coat! The bowler hat looks like it was made for him.

  4. I really love the last photo. That coat is tres chic. And the cute little purse. And the look on her face. She’s bewitching.

  5. Wow I love the lady’s outfit. My grandmother had one similar. She always had to walk behind my grandfather to keep it from hitting his head.

  6. Perfect! What a wide brim the woman’s hat has. I like how you left the photos untouched. I’m not sure that I could keep my hands off the fix-it buttons, but it is neat to see how they really are, 90 years later.

  7. Wow, what a pair! Tatania had the right word – this defines Panache. What do you suppose happened to hats like that? Did they wear them until …. and then no more?

  8. These are wonderful images. I love her coat and hat. I’m trying to imagine wearing these large hats today while trying to get into a compact car.

  9. I’m left wondering what the event was that they were at in such stylish hats as the surroundings look very rural.

    (Sorry I’m so late in commenting)

    1. Comments are always welcome. The surroundings do look rural. Which makes me think it’s Montgomery and not Detroit. Perhaps at somebody’s house in the country? Afraid we will never know.

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