18 thoughts on “Barbara Dancing

  1. Your aunt looks like a lovely young woman. The way the photo was developed gives the illusion that it’s raining on the right side of the picture.

  2. Doesn’t look like a goodbye dance does it? I wonder if it was the start of something.

  3. This photo really makes you wonder what Barbara is thinking. Does she or doesn’t she like him. She seems to sort of be backing away from him. Hmmmm.

  4. A great photo for the SS theme and an interesting contrast between the couple’s intimate moment and the explosion of light. Almost like a roman candle!

  5. Great photo! I think that she looks pensive, and a little nervous–or maybe a bit scared.

    Do you know where the picture was taken? Maybe it’s my rural background–but it almost looks like it could have been a barn dance.

    1. The family lived in Detroit but they also spent time at “The Meadows” which was a rural setting and I think had a barn. And also at Idlewild, a black resort abot 4 hours from Detroit, where my aunt told me once there were many fabulous dances held on the large screened porch of the Club House.

  6. The damage to the photo, I’m guessing, makes it look like they’re just happily dancing while it pours with rain.

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