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    1. Yes, it is a zebra. My dress was a mock jumper of light pink with a “blouse” of thin, white material. My sisters dress was light turquoise bumpy sort of material.

          1. My sister reminded me that this is yet another photo of her that predicts her future. She and her husband, Zeke, owned and ran “Club Zebra” a spoken word, movable club for years.

  1. I absolutely LOVE this photo. I especially love your stance, that mix of precocious grace, lively yet decorous curiosity, and that leg propped up and planted, individualistic and skeptical, questioning everything, rooted and sure. Okay, I know I’m projecting but that little girl who is you, she rocks!

    1. I do too, Angella! Sometimes I look at my photographs from this time period and I seem to be just that way – so sure of myself and … unselfconscious. Somewhere along the way that unselfconscious part of me got lost and I don’t remember when.

  2. Who were the photographer(s) in your family? You have so many beautiful pictures that are not staged, so natural, in the moment.

    1. Linda, on my father’s side my grandfather and his four sons were all amateur photographers. You can see a post with them and their camera’s here http://findingeliza.com/archives/151

      My mother and her brother-in-law also took a lot of photos using a brownie box camera. They tended to be more posed.

  3. Once again you have great photos. The top banner photo is showing the next block, btw 14th and 12th streets. I can see Clarence Banton, Norman Cassells and Longworth Quinn’s houses. This could have been the view from the Atkinson parsonage. We moved to 2271 in June of 1952.

    1. Ben, yes it was taken from the porch. I have one going in the other direction too and a couple taken from my grandmother’s porch that will include your house. I will be posting them later. I’m working on a post about when I lived on Atkinson. Do you remember the numbers for the houses of the guys you mention above? I was trying to remember the name of the girl who lived next door to the parsonage who used to babysit us sometimes. I know we talked about it once on fb but I can’t remember it at all right now.

  4. I believe Norman’s address was 2037. Clarence was one house west. Longworth was 2 houses east of Norman. Ann Page’s address was 1955. She was 2 houses west of the playground, across from St Mark’s.

    1. Ann Page was sort of a cousin-in-law. Her father was the nephew of my great uncle Jacob Cleage’s wife, Gertrude.

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