In The Kitchen

My mother, my husband, my children, my grandchildren, my sister, my in-laws, some friends and me in various kitchens down through the years. I couldn’t find any photographs of my grandparents in the kitchen, although I know there is at least one of my grandmother Fannie out there.Β  I am preparing to participate in the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge by writing about streets that have played an important part in my life. These kitchens will reappear in these posts in the coming weeks.

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28 thoughts on “In The Kitchen

  1. What a wonderful collage – well worth clicking and enlarging. Kitchens as social spaces : so different from the cold and clinical theme photograph.

    1. I bet that big kitchen was pretty social once it was full of all the cooks and helpers and various staff. Not in the same way as a family kitchen, but still…

  2. Making a collage is sometimes the better choice than trying to select one or two of the best. These are all great images.

    1. At first I was going to use a photo of the kitchen at the church I grew up in but then I started thinking about mother’s day and was going to do one of all the mothers in the kitchen but I ran across all the ones of children and men so I just put in everybody.

  3. Liked the collage, especially when you enlarge a shot. The Family History Though Alphabet Challenge sounds fun, but in my case might be a bit short on photographs – I’ll have to give it some thought.

  4. What a fabulous photo-montage. Alan is right, it’s best to enlarge in order to see all the details. I wonder why we take so many photos in kitchens; it must be something about them being where all the FOOD comes from! Food and mothers, a wonderful combination.

  5. Kristin,
    NGS seems incomplete without you. I’ve been so busy morning until night and haven’t had much time to check in. Back to regularly scheduled programming next week.

    1. Maybe next year they will be closer and I will go. I’m not big on conferences. But what I’m reading sounds interesting.

  6. Beautiful photographs, beautiful family. So much family time is spent in the kitchen. I think it is one of the many ways we show our love toward each other.

  7. You have such a talent of putting things together. Back in the day (more so I think then now) the kitchen was the meeting place! You have a wonderful family!

  8. Wonderful piece and I’m sure a great family heirloom. To have so many photos of family members cooking is amazing.

  9. Ms. Moon, I would love to see photos of you all in the kitchen.

    I guess we do cook a lot. And try to get the kids cooking as soon as they are interested. Which is easy to do, when they are interested πŸ˜‰

    Sometimes our kitchens are too small for sitting in and talking but right now our living room, kitchen and dining room are all one big room so our gatherings take place there.

  10. Great collage! You always come up with such fun, awesome ways to share the materials and information that you have.

  11. Quite the mosaic here.
    There’s one in the center that seems to be in a big kitchen or a cooking class, laying flat on the counter… Why???

    1. That is one of my Canadian cousins who was attending George Brown College in Toronto learning to be a chef. I don’t know the exact circumstances of why she was laying on the counter but something about short legs wide counters? It was the only photo I could find of her in the kitchen with her chefs hat on. of course i go back now to find the photo again (on her fb page) and find many other better ones but not that one! oh well. She is a working baker now and Kamau’s younger sister.

  12. Awh, Kamau!! Long time no hear about that one…
    Football season will soon be starting now.
    I see she’s good company to keep.
    I also got a friend who learned pastry,
    and she does the most amazing tiramisu.

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