In 1918 and 1919 thirty-seven young women, friends and neighbors of my grandmother Fannie Mae Turner were members of the Edelweiss Club in Montgomery, Alabama. These are snapshots from their lives, place and times.

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I was hoping to find a recipe for zucchini bread in the Montgomery newspapers in 1918, 1919. Alas, twas not to be. I did find these advertisements and a song shared below.


Last, a song from World War 1. And we’re done!

18 thoughts on “Z – ZOLLIE, ZIP, ZEST and ZIRON

  1. Woohoo! What a way to finish, with not just one Z, but four! I would dearly love to be able to take my favorite old shoes to Zollie McGhee. But Ziron and Ferro-tone sound downright terrifying. TNoticed that that Ziron ad seems to be posing as an article. I guess even back then there was no firewall between the advertising and editorial branches of the newspaper.

    And you’re done–Zip-zip-zip Hooray! I thoroughly enjoyed my month with the Edelweiss Club.

  2. What a lot of work you’ve put into this meme for April! I have been quite impressed. And I was hoping for another favorite song, I must admit. Zipidee-doo-dah, zipidee-aih. No idea how it was spelled. But it has certainly pushed my spirits up a few times to remember singing along to it. No idea who the singer had been originally. I’m now looking forward to more of your genealogy posts about your interesting family!

    1. I was using items found in the Montgomery papers of the day. Zipade do da was composed in 1946 for Disney’s Song of the South and sung by “Uncle Remus” who was actor, James Baskett. So, not mentioned in 1918-1919.

      I think I am going to write up the parents of the Edelweiss’s members. But I’m not going to pack it into a month long challenge.

  3. I could see members of the Edelweiss Club going to see Zip and Zest together — and I could certainly use some of that Ziron Tonic now that A to Z is over! Congratulations on completing another A to Z Challenge and finally telling the stories of the amazing Edelweiss women

    1. I don’t know, Zip and Zest seemed to be only shown in the white theater and they would have to sit in the balcony. However, I agree, I could sure use something to give me some zest!

  4. Congrats on finishing. Enjoyed all the z’s… sorry you didn’t find a zucchini cake. I have a great zucchini choc chip cookie to die for! It’s on my page. See ya around!

  5. I’ve definitely enjoyed reading your series and hate to see them end. Looking forward to next! Thanks again

  6. A couple of years ago I had severe anemia and was sorely lacking in zip and zest, but the doctors pumped me full of Ziron (or at least a modern equivalent!) and I’ve been better every since, so those ads have me convinced! lol Congratulations on finishing the A to Z!

    1. I used to have to take an syrupy iron supplement when I was about five and six. It was disgusting. I don’t remember having bursts of energy, but maybe I would have been really tired if I hadn’t. The ads were pretty convincing. I was partial to the Orange Crush. 🙂

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