Doris Juanita Graham Cleage – 100th Birth Anniversary

My mother was born in Detroit in 1923 to Mershell and Fannie (Turner) Graham. This year marks 100 years since her birth. Below are 101 photos of her. Beneath the photo are some of the posts I have done about her life.

Doris Juanita Graham Cleage 1923 – 1982. Click to enlarge.

Click here for A collage of 100 photos of my father

Some posts about my mother

And more!

4 thoughts on “Doris Juanita Graham Cleage – 100th Birth Anniversary

  1. Just a huge wow for that collage. Is is real or digital? I’m so happy that you had that many photos of your mother. I’ve enjoyed reading about her, and your family, here on your blog for years. There was so much love shared among all of you! Thanks for compiling this family history.

    1. I scanned the photos and used photoshop to make the collage. So, digital. When I look at it, I see all the photos I didn’t include that I should have. Thank you for reading all of it.
      Now I’m wondering how many photos I have of my grandparents. Not 100 I bet.

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