T – The Thief of Baghdad & A Waltz

This is my ninth year of blogging the A to Z Challenge. Everyday I will share something about my family’s life during 1950. This was a year that the USA federal census was taken and the first one that I appear in. At the end of each post I will share a book from my childhood collection.

I remember wandering into the movie below one afternoon when I was three or four.  We lived in St. John’s Congregational Church parsonage/community house in Springfield, Massachusetts where my father was pastor. I woke up from my nap and going down the hall to a big room where the movie was being shown.  There I saw a larger then life, green genie coming horrifyingly out of a bottle. For years I could not remember the title of the film. After watching some youtube clips, I can see it had to be “The Thief of Bagdad“. It was released in 1940 and by 1950 it would have been available for showing in darkened rooms full of folding chairs to church groups.  I did not stick around after the Genie started coming out of the bottle.

In the backyard

One of the few songs I remember from those years.

Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather

10 thoughts on “T – The Thief of Baghdad & A Waltz

    1. It’s from 1950 so no wonder. When I read back over these books for the A to Z,so many of them are wildly fantastic. Children’s books just don’t seem the same these days.

  1. I am more familiar with a genie coming out of lamps in Alladin and Arabian nights stories … there is a popular pop song Genie In A Bottle, i believe. I wonder what the eyes are looking at in that picture

    1. I think the genie in the bottle is looking at the boy who found him.
      I’m more familiar with the lamp genies too. This one was really memorable though!
      2 years later I read this and think you were talking about my eyes in the photo. I
      was probably looking at my father who was taking the photo. Maybe he called my name to
      get me to look around?

  2. I remember that song too! I don’t blame you about being freaked out. One of my earliest memories is being terrified during Disney’s Fantasia.

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