L – Leaves

This is my ninth year of blogging the A to Z Challenge. Everyday I will share something about my family’s life during 1950. This was a year that the USA federal census was taken and the first one that I appear in. At the end of each post I will share a book from my childhood collection.

Pearl, our mother Doris, Kristin (Me). October 1950. Springfield, Massachusetts

Now and Then

Golden leaves fell in the bushes 
overnight brightening my yard. 
Behind my eyes, 
I walk beside a river 
with my mother.  Trees all golden. 
A dog splashes in the water, 
 shakes  himself . 
My four year old self 
Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather

13 thoughts on “L – Leaves

  1. The leaves Pearl is holding are huge! Nice to see your mother smiling. You have great animation looking, talking and leaning/walking. So much to see in this picture.

  2. Kristin, Just want to tell you I’m enjoying your A to Z series here. Great photos in each post! Especially love the children’s books included, you have a fun collection of them!

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying them. I was excited today to find some of the books being read aloud on youtube and I’ve added them where I can.

    1. Aww. I wonder if any were the same as the ones I have? I guess I remember them so well because we never threw them out.

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