A to Z REVEAL 2020

My mother Doris Graham and her older sister Mary Virginia Graham in 1929
A to Z

This year as we begin the 2020s, I decided to go back a hundred years to the 1920s and write about what happened to my family during that decade. My grandparents had settled down to marriage and family and my parents and their siblings were too young to participate in any “roaring” that was going on.

While preparing my posts, I found out several things that I wish I had asked my grandparents about, but strangely never thought to do so. I managed to cover all of the letters in the alphabet and to tie them in with my family in some way. I actually started in February to decide on the words for each letter and to chose photographs. In March I started writing the posts. The plan is to be completely done by the time I post this.

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39 thoughts on “A to Z REVEAL 2020

  1. Hi,
    It’s good to see your readiness for the A-Z. I’m impressed with the calendar.
    I myself am not organised at all this year…
    Looking forward to reading. All the very best!

    1. Somehow I started in February this year. I am looking forward to your theme and posts this year too. I always enjoy them and learn a lot.

  2. Great to see you joining again! I am curious to hear more about the 20s from your family’s perspective! And congratulations on scheduling posts ahead of time, I’m trying to do that too 🙂

    1. I am trying to finish up by the 1st so I can concentrate on visiting and commenting and on doing the April poem a day challenge on my other blog.

  3. Can’t wait to read it, Kistrin! We are travellers on (almost) the same path this year!
    So, are you all done?
    I am not. But I hope to have at least all the drafts ready by the end of the month.

    The Old Shelter – Theme Reveal – Living the Twenties

  4. Hi…I’m impressed, both by your theme and your preparedness. It must be so interesting to try to find out family history almost a hundred years old…I will look forward to your posts. I’m doing history too, not a lot of history, just a bit of it.
    A Hundred Quills

    1. 100 years ago doesn’t seem as long ago as it used to. I knew everybody except one great grandmother and my two uncles who died very young.

  5. Congrats for being so laser-focused, Kristin, esp. in a year when it’s easier than ever to get scattered. I love your theme, and look forward to reading about the lives of your family members in a decade, which I’ve only recently realized is very close to our generation, being the decade in which our parents were born/grew up.

    Oh, and I love the curtain partially drawn to reveal those two spirited, almost defiant-looking children. Someday I may learn half your skills in that department.

    1. They do look a bit spirited, don’t they? I really enjoyed making that curtain rising on them. Wish they were here to read what I write and comment!

  6. Look at you, first blog on the theme reveal list! lol I love the calendar and look forwarding to seeing what you have for us this year.

  7. So glad you are participating this year and LOVE the calendar! I am in Coronavirus quarantine here in NYC, so decided to participate again so I don’t go stir crazy. I’m continuing my autobiography theme with Endwell: The Elementary Years. Looking forward to your visits/visiting during the challenge!

    1. I’m in the house for the duration here in Atlanta, and I think the A to Z is a great distraction from the endless information blitz! Looking forward to reading bout the next time of your life.

    1. I have lots of photographs of both sides of my family so thought I could focus on photos. I tend to keep wanting to do more as I go along.

  8. My daughter took a genealogy course this year and loved learning more about our family’s past. It’s amazing what you can uncover when you start researching.

  9. I am so looking forward to reading your blog. I’m doing the 1920s as well. At least I’m starting in 1915 and continuing to about 1932. I’ve turned my research into fiction and changed names but I might put some photos in for interest.

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