5 thoughts on “1937 Christmas Festivities

  1. I love how the author of the column set the scene for the lists of attendees at various Christmas events in the first paragraph: Ice and snow to help Santa and his fleet of reindeer, fat as well as lean Santas, etc. I wish that I was as good at writing descriptive text that really draws the reader in.

    1. I am always drawn in by your posts, whether about food of 100 years ago or you grandmother’s journal. I liked that beginning too.

    1. The whole post was rather frivolous. I just enjoy getting a glimpse into their social lives. I hope they were happy too. I think they were at that time in their lives, still at home, their whole lives pretty much yet to come.

      1. The social lives are always interesting. It’s fun thinking about the social customs of earlier eras. The formality of dating, the parties, all of it is fun to imagine.

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