Death Certificate – Amanda

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On July 22, 1921, Amanda broke her leg, receiving a compound, open, fracture. She was taken to Collins Chapel Hospital in Memphis where she died on August 8, 1921. Her sister Lydia and her husband Charles lived in Memphis. Amanda may have been visiting or may have moved to Memphis to be closer to her sister. Two weeks later her kidneys failed and she was dead at 84 years. Lydia was the informant on the death certificate. Amanda Cleage was buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery on August 9, 1921.

6 thoughts on “Death Certificate – Amanda

  1. As much as we lament the lack of cursive being taught to students now, it did not make for easy reading.

    1. LOL. Some of it’s really terrible. But the students who aren’t learning cursive will have to take special courses to be able to read letters and documents from the “olden” days.

      Some of it’s easy to read, but not much.

      1. I absolutely agree Kristin! I still am fascinated with all cursive and love reading it! So glad my grandchildren learned cursive! The following generation didn’t though!

  2. I’m always interested in the information on death certificates and when I see nephritis as a contributing factor, I get more interested because of kidney issues that run in my family. It was difficult to read the part about nephritis, but I think it says Acute interstitial nephritis. Not that knowing this really adds much information. Seems an awful way to die.

    1. I googled it and you’re right, seems an awful way to die. Nowadays seems to be mostly caused by drugs, they said.

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