“I look the same now.”

I found this photograph in my Graham album.  I have no idea who it is. I don’t know who’s sister it is. I know it isn’t my grandmother Fannie’s sister because I would recognize them.  I don’t think it’s my grandfather Mershell’s sister because as far as I know she was a servant with several children by 1918.  I looked for information about nursing schools for African Americans Kansas City, MO. in 1918 and turned up nothing, but Zann, a friend of mine, found several short pieces and some photos of the General Hospital for Negroes in Kansas.  The uniforms the nurses are wearing look like the same uniforms. So, here is my mystery nurse for this weeks Sepia Saturday.

I can’t make most of this out very well, but here is what I make of it “Made in K.C. Mo. but just found a duplicate and had this developed – 10-10-1918. Over……….your….F. A dm………Normal Ala.”

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14 thoughts on ““I look the same now.”

  1. What a great picture! I can't decipher the back of that picture any better than you did. When I saw what you had printed, I immediately thought of "faithful admirer" — but looking at the back of the picture, that wasn't possible.

  2. @Zann – Good work detective Zann! The uniform looks the same. I'm going to add them. to the post.

  3. It’s the very ‘human' comments that bring this picture to life. I love that she thought she still looked the same now! Lovely pictures.

  4. There are a lot of links in They Came To Fight that I shall have to comeback to at the weekend.
    Great pictures.

  5. I can't tell if the two woman are the same. It could be that both the striped dress and the nurse outfit were worn by servants. I just read a book by the English nanny that took care of John F. Kennedy's children, and she wore a nurse uniform.

  6. @Postcardy, since she said she was in Kansas City and there was a Nursing school at the hospital there where the uniforms were the same as the one she's wearing, I'm going to go with she was a hospital nurse, not a nurse maid.

  7. Just realized Postcardy that you were trying to help her be my grandfather's sister, but she lived in a different county and wasn't that posh of a servant, I don't think.

  8. I can't make out the writing either, and I like the caption "I look the same now" 🙂 Jo

  9. Oh I agree with Jinksy on the big blot..these are amazing photos….what a treasure you have…

  10. Some great images and a wonderful story but it is that continuing detective work that makes it stand out. Proof, if ever proof was needed, of the value added by interactivity.

  11. Such a fun post! I have a few unidentified nurses and nuns and I would love to know exactly who they were. (Now, just what would both nurses and nuns do to Bob's blood pressure?!)

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