“I look the same now” Part 2

I’ve spent some time looking through my Graham grandparents photographs for a clue to the identity of the Mystery Nurse. To read Part 1 click here
I came across one photograph, unfortunately also unidentified, that looks to me like it could be the same person. Who is she is still the question.

This is what I can make out now…
“Made in K.C. Mo. 
but just found a 
duplicate and had 
this developed 10-(3)0-1918. 
Over 1 yr ago. 
Your Sister M.G.F. (or T?)
A and M C(olle)ge   
Normal Ala.”

4 thoughts on ““I look the same now” Part 2

  1. Judging by the noses in both pictures, I'd say yes, they're the same woman. Good luck in solving your mystery. Your photos are very interesting.

  2. So Kristin I looked up the A & M College in Normal. Since you know the approximate time she was there, and you know she was interested in the nursing/medical field, and her initials, it doesn't seem IMPOSSIBLE to find a name. And maybe you would recognize the name. I looked around on the college web site and there's a wikipedia article about the history of the college … who knows. Sometimes you can find a genealogy message board or something in that area. About the pictures, I do think they're similar. Hard to say; one looks gaunt and the other looks filled out … but the part in the hair looks the same; the mouth looks the same. good luck!!!

  3. I, too, love a Mystery and you, my friend, have missed your calling as a Detective! *smile* You have me thoroughly intrigued to see what other pieces of this puzzle come to light.

    Thanks for Sharing!

  4. I vote "yes", the same, even if one is in the shade and the other under the glare of the sun, there is enough resemblance to think they are one and the same.

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