Baby’s First Photograph – Feb. 9, 1929

“Feb 4, 1929 – Dad snapped Baby and me through dining room sun window. Not very good – sorry as now he has whooping cough? Weather’s been too bad to take him out to have pictures made…”

Baby Howard and Mother Fannie in the window 1929.
1929 Doris and Mary V. and 1951 Barbara and Pearl
Dee Dee, Barbara, Poppy, Pearl and Kris – 1953 & Doris and Mary V. 1929

More about Howard: Howard Alexander Graham’s Death Certificate

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7 thoughts on “Baby’s First Photograph – Feb. 9, 1929

  1. Mother may not have liked it, but I do. It’s got a kind of abstract impressionism effect, like a child’s uncertain memory. Your montage effects across the generation are fantastic! At first glance I thought they were double exposures. A great idea!

  2. At least he lived and was loved for a short while. Saddest of all, I think, is when they don’t even have a chance at all. The collages are very clever, indeed! 🙂

  3. So sweet and sad. I did also like the collages of photos…and agree, had thought they were double exposures at first. But they fit with a short life, and memories.

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