December 21, 1903 – Christmas

Courtesy of Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library/University of Georgia Libraries. Click to enlarge.
Pearl Reed

Homer Jarrett
#230 Alleghany St. City

2714 Kenwood Ave.,
December 21, 1903

Mr. Jarrett –

Homer, do you remember a girl that you once knew and visited some times in the north part of this city? If you do, well that girl would like very much for you to come out to her house Christmas Day and take dinner with her and family, if you will be so obliging. It will give us great pleasure Homer if you will take dinner with us then, will you?

You are far from your home and mother and I would be delighted if you would share mine on this day of “Peace on Earth, good will toward men.”

How are you? We have not seen you since the Sunday that you were out. Did you know that Minnie had moved on West Street now? I was at her house one evening last week, for a few minutes, and discovered that she had changed her dwelling.

I shall expect you for dinner Friday Homer and you will not disappoint us?



Bookmark to Pearl from her brother Clarence E. Reed. Christmas 1903.
Journal to Pearl from her brother Clarence.

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    1. People do still give little gifts to their sisters and invite friends to Christmas dinner even now though, right? I wondered what they had for dinner and what their dining room looked like or if they ate in a large kitchen.

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