19 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Pearl!

  1. A great interview. I really agree with your sister’s view on change and that you don’t know where your journey will take you.

  2. What a fun interview. I can’t believe Pearl’s daughter turned down the journals…wow! I would have jumped at the chance if it was my mother or grandmother. Excellent idea to turn her journals into a book. Maybe one day her daughter and granddaughter will change their mind and read them.

    1. So would I! I’m pretty sure that her daughter read the book and the granddaughters are still younger than 16, so probably not yet.

  3. Great interview. Your sister is lovely and soooo interesting. So you are both writers. How fun.

  4. I, too, am surprised her daughter initially turned down the offer of the journals. I hope she changed (or will change) her mind. I have a journal my great-grandfather kept of a trip he made when he was in his 30s and I’ve loved reading it as it has made him really come alive to me. Pictures are great, but that journal has given me wonderful clues into what sort of personality he had and what sort of a person he was.

  5. A great interview. After watching and listening to Pearl, I think I might actually order a copy of her book.

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