Family Tree of Workers – Labor Day

Last year on Labor Day, I posted a chart of 7 generations of my family’s work history on both of my  blogs. (How did I miss that I’ve been blogging for over a YEAR??)  Today I’m going to repost them with a few minor changes.  I can only find Lewis and Judy Cleage in the 1870 US Census and their marriage record.  I am not convinced that all the children listed living with them are their children if their ages are correct.  But having no other information, I put them in.  I do not know what work the children did in the future.  I think I will look for them again.  Annie Green Reed had two husbands and four more children but I left them off of this chart.  They were all laborers or farmers or housewives.  Both Buford Averitt and Robert Allen come to the family tree as white men who did not acknowledge their black offspring as far as we know.  Oral history and records of birth, marriage and death account for their making it onto my chart.  I’ve pinpointed Buford but there are several possibilities with Robert so he has no job here.  My direct line is highlighted in yellow. You can see a similar chart for my maternal side HERE.

"This family works"
Everybody Works.
"Cleage Workers"

9 thoughts on “Family Tree of Workers – Labor Day

  1. Thank you! I only realized because I remembered doing a Labor Day post before and when I found it realized that meant I'd been doing this for a year.

  2. The link for the maternal side chart just loops back to this post. Thought you'd want to know! 🙂
    And congrats for a year of fascinating blogging!

  3. Bravo!! on your year of blogging… I can't wait for the next year of family finds and friendship! Megan and JIm

  4. I only started "following" other blogs about a year ago. What luck that I came upon yours so early on. I love the collage!

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