Diving Into Lake Idlewild, July 1967

I spent much time in the summer of 1967 at my Uncle Louis’ cottage in Idlewild, MI. I was there when the Detroit Riot/Rebellion broke out and remember driving into the city on that first Sunday when it began. You can read more about that here Detroit Rebellion Journal.

I spent a lot of time that summer swimming and skating. I don’t have any photos of me skating but I have this whole series of a dive.   My sister Pearl, my cousin Jan and my mother also make brief appearances. My Uncle Henry took the photos.

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23 thoughts on “Diving Into Lake Idlewild, July 1967

  1. These photos are absolutely amazing! Very rare for 1967 to have that many shots of one particular dive and action shots!

  2. Perfect photos to match the prompt, and way more elegant. Beautiful!

    1. I am so happy to have found some photos I hadn’t posted for a prompt! Wonder what the prompts dive looked like.

  3. Lucky you, to have this series…great shots! I like the smile after the dive — success!

  4. Great dive and great shots! I remember that summer very well! don’t have any pics of skating at the rink though! 🙂

    1. What were we thinking? Oh, that’s right, we didn’t carry a camera in our pockets back then and I guess the adults didn’t come over and take photos at the rinks.

  5. A brilliant set that makes a perfect match for the theme.
    It’s strange how your tranquil diving photos placed into historical context, make a stark contrast to the 1967 reality of a city in turmoil.

  6. How marvelous to have such a wonderful series of pictures of your dive! That must have been a very good camera to have caught shots like that in such quick succession. Right now, sitting here with the temp outside at 96 degrees and climbing to a predicted 109, that water looks sooooo cool!

  7. I wonder if you had to dive many times, since cameras then had to wind the film forward between each shot, in order to get the sense of “stop action” which is here in an excellent version. You looked great by the way!

    1. No, I don’t remember it being a big production. There are some of another dive where I didn’t have my hair in a bun, which is how I could tell they were of a different dive.

  8. A wonderful series. Your uncle had a good eye for composition as well as skills with the camera.

    1. I remember hating to dive off of the diving board when I took swimming in high school. The one off of the dock was so much closer to the water, I guess I didn’t mind.

  9. Nice form in the water and outside. The over-exposed background on the first shot adds arty quality to the scene. Love the series.

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