1854 Doctors Visits to the Turner Plantation

Turner Plantation house – Picking cotton – Slave dwelling – Lowndes County Courthouse, Hayneville AL

There are four lists from different dates for doctors visits to the enslaved on the Turner plantation. Sometimes those treated are named and sometimes they are just referred to as “negroe”.  I have added the ages of those who are named based on other lists from the estate files.

Dr. C.B. Lampley was the doctor listed for this time period.  Lampley was born in 1830 in Richmond County, NC. His family relocated to Alabama by 1850. He married Thurza Rudolph of Lowndes County.  They had two children. In the 1860 census he enslaved four people, a 35 year old mulatto woman, a 30 year old black man, a fifteen year old mulatto girl and a 14 year old black male. They lived in two dwellings. He joined the Confederate Army where he became a surgeon. He was lamed and later resigned due to diabetes and general debility.  During 1854 and 1855 he visited the Turner plantation to treat the enslaved – pulling teeth, lancing abscesses, bleeding and dosing with medication.

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8 thoughts on “1854 Doctors Visits to the Turner Plantation

  1. Kristin,

    Great information!

    I apologize if you have already responded to the question I am about to ask already, but is this a doctor who treated you ancestors?
    How did you come by this information?

    1. Hi Liv,
      I found an estate/probate file for slave holder Wiley Turner that enslaved my ancestors, Joe and Emma Turner in Lowndes County. The case dragged on for over 10 years, starting in 1853 and going past 1870. During that time all the bills that were charged to the estate are itemized and that is where I found the doctors bills. This particular one does not include my ancestors, but one of the others does include quinine for Joe Turner.

  2. My great great grandmothers name was Elizabeth Turner. She was half black. She married Acie Hartin. The Hartins lived in Butler County. From what I have found her birth day is 1850-1917. She may be a different set of turners of don’t know but just in case I wanted to mention it so if it is the same set I could help out.

    1. Butler County is right under Lowndes. There were lots of Turners. Do you know what plantation she came off of or what county she was in? When you say she was half white, you mean her father was white Was he listed on her death certificate or has it come down in oral history? I don’t see any Eliza/Elizabeths the right age on the list. There were lots of Turners. Do you have a family tree online?

      1. All I found so far is she was from North Davidson in Lowndes County. Her mom was Emily turner and her dad was Argalus turner. From what I have found.
        I am just trying to start a family tree and just starting research. I don’t know if it’s the same set of Turners you are related to but she was from Lowndes County so I thought they may be kin. I will do more research and try to find out more details and let you know.

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