On Being 12 & 70

My maternal grandmother, Fannie Mae Turner Graham, was born 129 years ago  on March 12, 1888, in Lowndes County, Alabama. She died on August 13, 1974 in Detroit, Michigan.  You can read more about my grandmother in this post  Fannie Mae Turner Part 1.

1958 augkris&fan
I was 12 and my grandmother was 70.  1958 in my grandmother’s backyard.

I am the same age as my grandmother was when we posed together on her back steps.  Looking at the photograph below of me and my granddaughter made me think about the endless circle and the passage of time.

My granddaughter was 12 and I was a  a few months shy of 70. 2016, we were at the beach in St. Petersburg, Florida and the water was freezing!



12 thoughts on “On Being 12 & 70

  1. I too love this post. While making peanut butter cookies with my grandson, I said to myself this should have been done before he came for his visit. We made a nice batch of cookies but we were messy. I looked at his little face and I realized we were making a memory. Maybe the next time we bake, I can have someone take pictures so he will have a photo to go with his memories of us cooking together.

    1. Linda, I’m sure he enjoyed the cookies even more since he helped make them. Someday a photo might bring back a whole flood of memories of you and cooking together.

  2. those 70’s pictures show how much life has changed in 58 years and those twelve year old pics show how much life is the same!


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