Santa On The IRT


I wrote this on February 8, 1999

It all happened last Christmas Eve. I’d had a long, hard day working at the restaurant and I just wanted to get home and soak my tired dogs. That’s what my father always said when he came home from work. “Whew! My dogs are killin’ me!” he’d say. Then he’d take off his shoes, plop down in his favorite chair and fall asleep reading the paper until dinner time.

But I didn’t start this to tell you about my feet. I wrote this to tell you about meeting Santa on the subway. First I thought it was just some joker on his way to a Xmas party. I looked the other way when he came over and started looking at the IRT map. I didn’t want to get into a big conversation about nothing, but some guy hollers out “Hey, Santa, hope you don’t lose your way when you’re looking for my house.” Course that got a big laugh. Until he turned around and said “Fellows, this is no laughing matter. I’ve lost my map of NYC. The one that marks the houses I’ve got to go to and who’s been naughty and nice.   You could have heard a pin drop in there.

(This first appeared on my other blog Ruff Draft)

6 thoughts on “Santa On The IRT

    1. I use it mostly for my poetry during the month August and other writings I come across from the past. Once in awhile I post something that didn’t seem to fit here.

    1. It comes from the name of a family newsletter we put out for about 5 years when my youngest 4 children were home and homeschooling. My youngest daughter came up with the spelling. I don’t post as often to Ruff Draft, unless it’s after the August Poetry Fest or I’m going through old notebooks and come across something like the Santa story above. Sometimes there is unexpected and forgotten stuff mixed in with the “why did I save this?” stuff.

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