25 thoughts on “Footprints on the Beach

  1. Your granddaughter’s tracks look more like swishes than footprints. Was she trailing for worms?

    1. No. Two of her cousins were also there and I think the bucket was full of smaller stuff, shovels small buckets, strainers. Yes, that does look like a mermaids track…

  2. Yes it is a lovely photograph. And I bet you could build some massive sand castles with that bucket!

  3. A hazy sky, blue ocean, gray sand, & your granddaughter in bright blue carry a big red bucket. Poetry in a picture!

  4. Tybee is my favorite oceanfront and the only place I’ve met real sand dollars. We lived in Savannah for 15 years and enjoyed it best during the quiet times of the off-season. In the really olden days it could have been Robinson Crusoe’s isle as well.

    1. I forgot about it being an island! We lived outside of Charleston, SC for a year and found real sand dollars at the beach the Isle of Palms. Also found them at Jekell Island.

  5. Lovely shot. The undulating dragging of her feet has made a smile for the two eyes in the sand.

  6. Beautiful sandy beach. The ones up in the Northeast are so rocky and the water is cold. Will have to make a trip south sometime.

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