Christmas Candy

Aunt Daisy Turner

Aunt Daisy took us downtown to the show every summer and to Saunders for ice cream afterward.  And I always ended up with a splitting headache.  Too much high living I guess.  She and Alice would buy us dainty, expensive little dresses from Siegel’s or Himllhoch’s.  They all went to church every Sunday at  Plymouth Congregational. Daisy always gave us beautiful tins of gorgeous Christmas candy, that white kind filled with gooey black walnut stuff, those gooey raspberry kind and those hard, pink kind with a nut inside, also chocolates, of course!

Doris and Mary Virginia Graham. Their mother Fannie and baby brother Howard are looking out of the window.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Candy

  1. The candies sound very old-fashioned – especially the white kind filled with gooey black walnut stuff. Though I must admit that I’d love to know her recipe. I have a jar filled with black walnuts in my refrigerator. 🙂

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