18 thoughts on “Springfield, MA 1950

  1. I can’t put my finger on exactly why? I’ve seen many pictures of mothers with their children. But there’s just something about this picture that catches the eye right away. I think maybe it’s your pretty mother’s bright smile. Obviously, she was pleased with whatever she and you were looking at. 🙂

  2. Once you start looking at photos you realize how many of them have the people all looking to one side and it always makes for a nice shot and a nice memory.

  3. Something caught the attention of you and your mother, but your sister is content with her leaves. One of the children in the prompt is also holding on to her doll.

  4. Your sister is looking a little unhappy – perhaps she was ready to go home and wasn’t so interested in whatever it was that caught your attention. Your mother looks very elegant.

  5. Cute photo! The direction you and your mother are turned in the photo is best in combination with the angle of the sun (which is most noticeable in the shadows on the ground).

  6. A perfect sideways shot, your mother looks so happy and beautiful. Great family photo Kristin!

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