Sepia Saturday 300 – The Missing Posts

Saturday, October 10, 2015 marks the 300th Sepia Saturday. In reviewing my contributions for the past 100 Saturdays, I found that I did not participate in 19 of them. I decided to post photographs for those 19 missing prompts.  Most of the photographs are more recent than my usual offering.   Click any image to enlarge.

couple verso
“Feb. 21, 1947 – Winter Carnival/ Center Couple – President Gellerman and his wife who’ve just crowned the king and Queen – Bet you can’t find me! F.M.H.”

on high
kris held up by daddy

“Kris May 1947” I was viewing the world from on high, not quite as high as the men in the prompt but it seemed very much so to me.  I also seem to be giving a lecture.

stadtluft macht frei
Taken by the railroad tracks between my house and my daughter’s house.
Henry Cleage under the Illustrated News at Old Plank house. 1963.

The family table at the testimonial dinner for my father, Rev. A.B. Cleage Jr. 1963.  No Christmas tree, but lots of lights up there in the ceiling and food on the table. Henry with the cigarett, my mother in front of him.  I am across the table from her. My aunt Barbara is looking towards the camera. Uncle Eddie Evans eating at the end of the table.

henry cleage court
Atty. Henry Cleage in a court room.
Daughter Ife sculpting in Florida studio.
valentine card
A valentine card from me to my mother given when I was in elementary school, 1950s.

Not a parade, but my family walking down Cass Ave in Detroit, after eating at a Lebanese restaurant near Wayne State University. Women and girls in the front, guys way back. And me at the very end, taking the photo.  Osaze does not have a swan head on, but he is wearing a cap.

support busing march 1975 detroit

This is a newspaper clipping I found of a demonstration in support of school busing. I recognize only General Baker, right front, holding his daughter.

Ernest_horses head down

Cousin Ernest with unidentified girl and a few horses with their heads down.

Cousin Warren on tractor.
Cousin Warren on a tractor.
Photo I took last year near Atlanta's West End.
Lines and wires near Atlanta’s West End.
jilo with football helmets
Daughter Jilo wearing football helmet, a gift from her Aunt Pearl. 1972 Atlanta, GA.
EPSON DSC picture
Granddaughter Tatayana rolling out pie crust in Idlewild, MI.
tunnel at Sullivan's island

Granddaughter Sydney looking into tunnel like opening in the fort on Sullivan’s Island, SC. This is where many enslaved African’s entered the United States.  Our “Ellis Island”.

Sepia Saturday Header

On my grandchildren’s birthday, we give them a dollar for each year, plus one to grow on.  When I turned 66, they gave me a dollar for each year, plus one to grow on. Here I am counting it up.  About as close as I have been to piles of cash.

Sepia Saturday Header
bay bridge
Small photo my parents sent home to their parents when they lived in San Francisco, CA in 1943.
Sepia Saturday Header
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33 thoughts on “Sepia Saturday 300 – The Missing Posts

    1. I had to dig to find these. That’s why I skipped them the first time around. I wonder how many I missed in the first 200?

  1. With so many good answers to the prompts, it’s puzzling that you missed those 19. I joined SS right after they celebrated #100.

    1. I joined at #47. It’s a mystery. I just didn’t think of these at the time, I guess. Looser interpretation? More recent photos (in many cases)? I’ll try and do better for those between 300 and 400. That will be almost two years from now!

    1. Leaving out the 48 I missed before I joined, I find I missed 8 more between 49 and 200. That’s not very many. I think I will see what those prompts were.

  2. What an imaginative approach for the 300th Sepia Saturday. You have come up with just one image to make a perfect match for each prompt and it is difficult to choose my favourite out of them all. Perhaps less is more!

    1. I think less is easier. I also think I’m running out of old family photos I haven’t used before to respond to the prompts. Once I started using any photo, it was possible to find something that matched.

    1. I think it might have been easier than usual because I didn’t write up the story behind the photographs. Once I found a photo that worked, I was done.

  3. What a clever idea. Love all the photos in particular your artist daughter sculpting. Lovely.

  4. Henry, under the Illustrated News, also fit’s #300s prompt if you go by the theme I used: “I’m Just Napping”. 🙂

  5. Well aren’t you smart to get so many Sepia Saturdays in one fell swoop! You did a great job matching your photos to the prompt images, Kristin.

  6. Excellent catch-up work! I must go through and count up how many I’ve missed – it’s probably more than I think.

  7. Lovely, Kristin. Well done you, for catching up in such style. I could dedicate a whole new blog to those prompts I’ve missed. Hope to make a more regular contribution for here on in, though.

  8. I have missed a ton of weeks- not so many in the first 100 or so, but a big gap from there to 200 and then hit and miss to 300. I really enjoy this meme though and am thankful I don’t get kicked out for not having perfect attendance. LOL!

    1. Me too! I missed only 8 in the first 200, after I started at #49 or so. But 19 from 200 to 300. Wondering how it will go from now to 400…

  9. I really enjoyed seeing all those past photos. They were like a fun adventure as we traveled from theme to theme.

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