Mary V’s Shoes

mv with shoes
Mary V. wearing little black shoes. This picture was taken in 1921. She would have been about 1 year old.

My mother said that after a difficult birth, her sister Mary V.’s foot was turned inward.She did not  know if this was the fault of the doctor or not, but Mary V. wore a brace for years.

Mary V’s grandson, Ahmad Elkins, posted the pictres below on fb recently.  They are his grandmother’s well worn baby shoes, saved through the years.  Amhad shared his photographs with me and gave me permission to post them here.

shoes side by side shoes - side view

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23 thoughts on “Mary V’s Shoes

    1. Mavis! How good to see you. I had never seen those shoes until my cousin shared them. I always wondered how much stuff my grandparents left when they moved because my mother was determined to not take all that stuff.

  1. There is so much character in those little boots and it is great to have such an unusual legacy – the shoes that you aunt wore so many years ago and the photograph to go with them. Mary looked to well wrapped up cocooned in her fur coat.

  2. How wonderful those little shoes have been saved. I remember having brown shoes with that band of little air holes across the toes. I was pigeon-toed when I was little & had to wear special shoes for a while. Strangely, both my daughters had one foot that turned outward & had to wear a brace before they were a year old at night to correct the problem. I felt sorry for them, but they thought the brace – stretched between both feet & holding them straight – was something to play with. Kids! 🙂

  3. Those shoes are amazing, Kristin! Love the worn spots in the heel — and wonder how they got worn out back there…if they could talk…

  4. Mary V’s mama saved those precious shoes not knowing a great grandson would continue to preserve a piece of the family legacy.

    1. My cousin Barbara saved as much of her mother’s stuff as she could and when she died last year her son became the saver. I’m so glad they all saved and shared.

  5. Aw so cute. I have often seen baby shoes in antique shops but I much prefer knowing that a family chose to keep them. But I suppose a lot of things are not meaningful to people who never knew the owner.

  6. Those shoes are so emotionally evocative, so haunting and beautiful, the brace, the life long gone, the stories that remain. Those shoes make me want to take out my pencil and sketch again, and it’s been a long time since anything provoked that feeling. Thank you for sharing them.

  7. Great post Kristin! those shoes sure have a story to tell! makes me think of the days when life was simple. If you were lucky, you owned two pairs of shoes. One pair to play in or for school and one pair to wear to church on Sunday.

    1. After this post, I wrote one about her youngest brother, Howard, who died when he was just 3 of scarlet fever. I noticed in photos he is wearing the same sort of shoes and I wondered if maybe they were passed down or if they were actually his shoes because of his early death. Anyway, I’m so glad my cousin shared them. good to see you, Denise!

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