32 thoughts on “Big Afro And A Baby

    1. I hadn’t thought of that but you’re right. My head had just that much hair when I was her age and she eventually had a head full of hair. And does today.

  1. Hello there.
    I’m loving the afro! I decided to go back to my natural roots in the later part of 2013. I had been “relaxed and smooth” from the age of 11 or 12. It’s been a learning curve for me…I had forgotten how much work was involved in maintaining natural hair. I’m happier now though and refuse to go back to chemical processes. Nice photo.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

    1. Glad you went back to natural. I never spent a lot of time or work on my hair. Mainly wash it and shape it, trim when I had to. Got tired of trimming it so I’m letting it grow out again now.

    1. I knew when I saw the prompt I had a photo with big hair and a baby. If my grandmother’s had just put their hair down and fluffed it up while holding a baby…

  2. Wonderful! Yes I love the contrast too and your daughter is just so cute! She is staring intently and thinking about something………..I wonder what?

  3. Just lovin’ a little soft head. (The baby’s – not yours LOL.) If your daughter was thinking something as Sharon suggests, you were ready to say something. I wonder what.

  4. Oh, goodness! 1960s, indeed! You’ve got the hair, the clothes exactly right, and you look wonderful. Your daughter is a stunningly beautiful baby!

    1. I wasn’t trying to get it right, I was part of the counter culture that was just living it. At the time living in a room in somebody’s attic or somebody’s back rooms.

  5. Hi!

    Sent you a mail, don’t know if I got the right address..

    Greetings from Norway πŸ™‚

  6. “I wasn’t trying to ‘get it right’ ” – but you look so wonderful in that photo, so very Counter Culture and your profile is absolutely stunning.
    This little wispy-thin-haired Australian knows what an immense Political Statement a ‘Fro was in 1970. HAIR had the ability to aggravate The Man. Now, nothing seems to. I travelled to Detroit from Sydney via Denver, and I think it took 24 hours. Worth it though, a pilgrimage to Hitsville. btw I followed you back here from your droll comment at Tony’s in England. peace and love …

    1. I meant I wasn’t trying to look counter culture, I actually was counter culture πŸ˜€
      Thanks for coming over from Tony’s. I really enjoy his blog.

  7. A lovely photo of you both. I remember going to see the musical ‘Hair’ in January or February of 1970, which was a real eye-opener for me. I actually saw it in Germany while I was there on a school exchange visit, so the language was different, but the music and hairstyles were the same.

  8. Wow…did you double nail it this week. With your patrician profile and your beautiful baby, you make a striking image together.

  9. Here at the end of the comments, I don’t have too much new to say — it’s been said, and well too. Mom, hair and babe are all beautiful.

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