A Stagecoach On A Trip West

As I went through photographs of vehicles trying to decide which to use for the stagecoach prompt, I finally remembered that I did have a stagecoach photograph in my Cleage family photographs.  I used this before along with other photographs from a trip my grandparents made out West during the 1950s.  I cannot make out the writing on the side of the coach because when I blow it up, the photo is a bit blurry, as though the photographer did not hold quite still.  Looking at the building on the right, which seems to be a false front with platforms and such in the back, I surmise that this was a movie set.  If only I had noticed these photographs during my grandmother’s life time and asked her to tell me about the trip!  Alas, I did not.

A stagecoach on the big trip West.
A stagecoach on the big trip West.
My stylish grandparents - Albert and Pearl Cleage. He is wearing the rakish white hat and she is wearing the stylish black hat, with a feather.
My stylish grandparents – Albert and Pearl Cleage. He is wearing the rakish white hat and she is wearing the stylish black hat.

To see more photographs from this same trip, Trains – My Grandparent’s Mystery Tour.

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13 thoughts on “A Stagecoach On A Trip West

  1. I wonder if they had an opportunity to take a ride in that stage coach? With the horses all hitched up, it would seem rides were offered? In our area we have Columbia State Park – an old mining town kept as authentic as possible & stage coach rides are part of the fun. The last picture in my blog this week is of the Columbia State Park stage coach making its rounds.

  2. Your family was/is all good looking. I do love the hat and the two tone shoes. The scene does look like a movie set.

  3. Well, you DID have a stagecoach after all. That must have been thrilling to tour a movie set. The scene reminds me of an amusement park we used to have near where I live but it’s no longer in business. Frontier Village, maybe? Anyway, it looked like a wild west town. The stagecoach ride always included a robbery and shoot’em up followed by a fast escape back to the saloon.

  4. Ah the well-known regret of not talking to our grandparents when we had the oportunity; I often think this is what drives we bloggers to write in such detail. How exciting though to have visited a film set.

  5. People did dress a lot better then, especially for photos and trips… and downtown, and the grocery store…well just everywhere! Great post! 🙂

  6. Ah, so many questions we could have asked, if only we’d thought of them when those who knew the answers were around to tell us.

  7. Such style. Such romance. Good photos of a bygone era. You’re lucky to have such a collection even if you don’t have the answers to your questions.

  8. You’ve done it again…..matched the theme! Well done you. But how frustrating not to know where this was taken…I’m thinking something like a wild west theme park might be the answer.

  9. I had to read it your post twice because I couldn’t believe a stage coach could hold all those people! And if it could they surely wouldn’t look so stylish after a ride.

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