Boys, Mules and a Cabin – 1918.

Who are they?
Who are they?

I have posted this photo several times as I try and figure out who these children are.  In one post I wonder if they are on the ALLEN side and on another I speculate that they are on the GRAHAM side.  I’m leaning more towards the Graham side because of the writing on the side which I make out as “date/18 On Barrons Farm” .  My grandfather Mershell Graham’s sister, Annie Graham and her children lived on the Barron Farm in rural Elmore County Alabama.  You can read more about these speculations here S is for Sibling, Annie Graham?   The other post speculated that the family the McCall branch – “More About Annabell’s Family”.  These are both families that I have lost and would so appreciate any cousins in those branches getting in touch to help me solve the mysteries.

For more information about the camera used to take this photo follow this link to the Photo-Sleuth’s post about the Autographic camera.

13 thoughts on “Boys, Mules and a Cabin – 1918.

  1. I like the subject and composition of this photo. It really gives a good idea of the times and surroundings. I guess the Autographics never became popular, or would be seeing more of this type of photo.

  2. Fabulous photo. The mules are huge and/or the kids are munchkins. I hope your distant cousins are finding this photo soon to help you solve the mystery. I know what it’s like puzzling over unknown identities.

    1. One reason I posted the photo again was the hope that there is someone out there who knows who they are. There are no photographs of my grandfather’s sister and her children, although there was once but it’s been lost.

  3. I was going to ask if they were horses or donkeys but they are mules, of course. And I hadn’t heard of an autographic camera either althought it looks familiar. Thanks for an interesting post – as always.

  4. I hadn’t heard of an autographic camera before reading your post. What a great invention. I hope you have some luck identifying your photo subjects soon.

  5. I think we all have some photos in our collection that puzzle us, so I hope you solve your puzzle soon. I wonder what they were going to do that day that was important enough to have photo taken.

  6. Like Kerryn, I hadn’t read of autographic cameras either. It’s a lovely photo even if the elder girl looks unsure about the whole business. I’d think you’re right about being Graham rellies….keep putting it out there and you’ll sort it out one day.

  7. Another super photo from your archives! It seems like a snapshot, but the photographer must have arranged part of it to get mules and children just right. The people and calf in the background make it even better.

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