Dunbar Hospital 1922 & 2014

dunbar-then &nowI received some photographs from my friend Historian Paul Lee recently of Dunbar Hospital in Detroit. My paternal grandfather was one of the physicians and founders back in the 1920s.  I combined the photo from July 2014 with a photograph from 1922.  You can read more about Dunbar Hospital in previous posts at these links A Speech on the Graduation of the first class of nursesBirths, Deaths, Doctors and Detroit, Part 2.  Click to enlarge the photograph.

I have linked this post to the Family Curator’s World Photography Day post.  I participated in 2011 with a post of photographs from Springfield, Then and Now.


9 thoughts on “Dunbar Hospital 1922 & 2014

  1. I am always informed, amazed, elated and grateful for the content of this website.

  2. I love the “Then and Now” contrasts. One of our Media outlets had a series like this a while ago and I thought it was fascinating – as you’ve just shown.

    1. I do too Pauleen. I wasn’t totally satisfied with this one. Not sure why. I think the top photo may need to be more see through. I made the changes and like it much better.

  3. Excellent as always Kristin. I really like this idea and think that I would like to try something similar in future. Time to take some holidays and plan some visits 🙂

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