A Frog, A Doll And An Open Door – Summer 1956

It was 1956 and my mother, sister, grandfather and I were on our way to a few weeks out of Detroit at my Uncle Louis’ cottage in Idlewild. Click all images to enlarge.

2705 calvert
It started here, with an open door. Our door was the one on the right, the Bowles family lived through the door on the left. We didn’t have security doors in those days. 2705 Calvert. We lived in the upper flat. This is a photo taken after a fire in the early 2000s.
kris,ma,pearlon dock
Me, my mother and sister Pearl on the dock that summer. Pearl has her walking doll. 1956
My sister Pearl and me on the beach.  1956. I was 9 and Pearl was 7.

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31 thoughts on “A Frog, A Doll And An Open Door – Summer 1956

  1. I think I would have been afraid the frog would hide someplace or jump on me, and I would have gone to get some help too.

  2. Well done for having written down this story of your childhood – I enjoyed the read

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. My sister wrote this one though so kudos to her. I didn’t even remember about that toad or the open door until I read her piece!

  3. Until I started family history blogging, I had no idea of the importance of us writing down out own memories for future generations. Your “I remember when….” was a lovely story of yours and Pearl’s childhood.

  4. The frog story made me laugh. I remember when my daughter’s friend was a teenager she was home alone one night, and called the fire brigade because there was a large spider on the wall!!

    1. I remember wishing I could call somebody and making my friend stay on the phone as I killed a large water bug.

  5. Loved reading about how little girls (I sure was just like you all) want something in the summertime so much, and then when they get it at Christmas, oh my, it’s such a let down. I’m glad you do remember how strong that wanting had been, as well as the disappointment. Time sure changes things!

  6. Oh golly am I the only person that loves frogs? What a fun story, great photos too, especially of dolly too!

  7. It’s so great you have photographs of that summer, Kristin. Those are fun memories your sister wrote. I don’t know what I would have done about a frog that size. Ugh! Lucky you and your sister to get the dolls you so much wanted. Did they become favorites and do you still have them?

  8. The frog story was great! Not that long ago I was walking through the neighborhood when I spotted a large bullfrog in the middle of the street near a corner. It had apparently come down from the pond on the golf course to the creek below & was on its way back to the pond. I was worried because a car could come around the corner any time & not see it. So I stomped behind it trying to get it to move, but no luck. Nor did poking it gently with a stick. Finally a golf course gardener came along in flatbed golf cart & scooped him up into a bucket on the back of the cart and I was relieved – till the cart went around the corner at a good clip, the bucket turned over, and the frog hopped out! At least now it wasn’t in the middle of the street any more & I just hoped it would keep to the side of the road from that point on. When I told my husband about it, he shook his head and laughed. “Why didn’t you just pick it up & put it off the road?” he asked. As I recall I gave him a fairly intelligent response . . . something along the lines of “Ewww!”

  9. Two open doors in fact, the first one you left behind and had to go back and shut, and the second that your mother was desperate to open to let the frog get out. I’ve never had a frog in the house, but I once trapped a tiny skink under a jar and left him there the whole day til my husband came home and rescued us both. I hadn’t seen one before and trust myself to pick it up and let it go outside on my own.

    1. Ohhh, those skinks give me the creeps. I don’t mind plain green lizzards, but those blue and black ones, don’t like.

  10. Wonderful to have both the pictures and the story. I’m grateful that my daughter kept a holiday diary about 25 years ago as it has helped me pinpoint events too. Well done to your sister!

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