J is for June


My grandparents - Albert B. Cleage & Pearl D. Reed in 1909.
My grandparents – Albert B. Cleage & Pearl D. Reed in 1909.

For this year’s April A-Z Challenge I am blogging everyday using items taken from the letters written by my grandfather to my grandmother from 1907 to 1912, starting with “A” and moving right through the alphabet to “Z” during April.

Postmark – June 20, 1909.  Somehow I had overlooked this postcard, but I felt I had to post it, even though I had to dig pretty deep to find a “J” connection.  I wonder what my grandmother thought when she received this card?

Written in Toledo, mailed Buffalo C-


I left Indianapolis last night at 7:25. Stayed all night in Hamilton O. Am now in Toledo at 10 a.m. will leave for Detroit 2:14.




13 thoughts on “J is for June

  1. A medical student’s nightmare, I suppose, where the cadavers are out to get their revenge? It’s a perfectly legitimate J post and a not-to-be-missed postcard!

  2. I really enjoyed reading these postcards and your annotations. What a lovely sense of humour they must have had and how very romantic the cards are – even this one with the skeletons, sharing his thoughts and fears.

  3. Cadavers’ dream, students’ nightmare. It is amazing at times the images
    of postcards of this time period, and before/after. Thanks for sharing.
    Hoped she say the funny side.

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