What’s in your bag?

book+of+me+adPrompt #29 from The Book of Me – What sort of purse do I carry and what is in it?

purseI usually carry this bag with me. I made it from scraps of mud cloth several years ago. It’s lined with some navy blue fabric I had on hand but it should have been lined with black.  There is plenty of room for the items below, plus my camera, a notebook, a book or whatever else I need at the time.

stuff in purse

  1. Altoids case – actually has various pills in case I get caught out at dinner time without them.
  2. Bimah case with drivers license, debit card, cash.
  3. Two ball point pins.
  4. A pencil from Ikea.
  5. A dime.
  6. A striped case holding my checkbook and various papers.
  7. A glass case for my distance glasses.
  8. A glass case for some extra reading glasses.
  9. My keys with a reindeer horn thing from Norway and the car open/closer.
  10. My cell phone.

I usually carry this bag with these things in them.  I keep meaning to make a very small, under my coat/jacket/shawl bag just large enough for cell phone, keys and license.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember until I’m on my way out the door.

5 thoughts on “What’s in your bag?

  1. What a tidy handbag you have Kristin! I no longer carry masses of stuff but still more than this. I love the bag that you made and I was tickled to see the little Bima purse in there!

    1. Sometimes I do have a baggy with candied ginger in it or an apple, but I just dumped out what was in there and it was pretty clean. I thought you would enjoy seeing that little Bima there.

  2. This is super tidy and efficient. Love it! I too am inspired. I love the bag too by the way. Love the mudcloth, I used to have one made out of similar cloth but it was a messenger bag. I have made several smallish ones to carry those essentials but none that I like. I’d love to see what you come up with.

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