My A – Z Challenge Calendar 2014

This is my second year doing the A-Z Challenge.  Last year I used the broad theme of my blog – family history.

This year my focus will be the letters and postcards written by my future grandfather, Albert B. Cleage to my future grandmother, Pearl D. Reed. from 1907 – 1911.  I will be using people, places, addresses and events mentioned in his correspondence, to learn more about my family and the times.

I have more of a head start this year. Although I have not yet written any posts, I am researching and narrowing down the scope of posts.  As I go along, I may change the word for the day if something else draws me in.  Now to see what others have planned.

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8 thoughts on “My A – Z Challenge Calendar 2014

  1. This sounds really interesting and wonderfully unique. My mother and one of my sisters enjoy researching family history, and I’m grateful to them for it because it’s not something I feel equipped to tackle myself. But it really is wonderful to learn about distant relatives and ancestors.

    Good luck with the challenge and I look forward to your posts. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sara. I’m sure your mother and sister are overjoyed when you are interested in what they find! That is the best feeling – getting family interest.

      Good luck to you in the challenge too.

  2. Thank you, Kristin. for reminding me of this year’s A-to-Z Challenge and inspiring me with your theme. I look forward to seeing and reading (about) your grandfather-to-be’s postcards.

    I have now signed up for the blog and posted my theme on the Theme Reveal site. The only problem is that somehow I’ve signed up incorrectly at the A-to-Z Challenge main site and clicking the link takes one to my last year’s introductory post! I’ve written to request that it be corrected, but the hosts are probably inundated with emails. Oh well!

    The coming around of the April Challenge again reminds me that it is a year since we began following each other’s blogs. Thank you! I have very much enjoyed reading Finding Eliza and receiving your comments on Tell Me Another.

    1. I’m happy I could remind you. I guess that is one of the good things about the reveal – those who forgot, are reminded. Yes, it’s been a year for us. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to what you are going to do for A – Z this year.

  3. These posts should be a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to reading them. And, since the letter and postcards will be from approximately the same era that I write about, I’m looking forward to learning more about your grandparents experiences a hundred years ago.

  4. Your theme sounds super interesting but also like a lot of work. I look forward to readying the history.

  5. Ooo, I love your theme. Family history is incredibly interesting. My mom keeps two old trunks full of old photos and family memorabilia. I used to love the times when she’d open them up and let me ask the all the who, what and where questions that exploded out from them. Good luck!

    N J Magas @

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