Atlanta Flood of 2009 – SepiaSaturday #221

My flood photographs are not sepia but they do involve cars and a flood.  In 2009 my daughter’s Atlanta apartment complex flooded as a result of days of rain, flooded Peachtree Creek and blocked drains.  My daughter didn’t have to stay in a hotel because she has family in town.  The quotes below are her comments.

“Yesterday they put up notices on half of the buildings, all the ones that didn’t have steps to the first floor apartments, that their leases were terminated and anything left in the apartment would be thrown away today! They haven’t let any of us back in and we are free to break our leases. Today we were told it will be 60 more days before they are able to let people back in. No one has to pay rent until they can move back in, and they are putting people in hotels until they can get back in but how can anyone move back to a place that has flooded this badly twice in 5 years (and they didn’t tell anyone about the previous flood)???”


“Some photos I took off of news websites like CNN and local tv… others I got from folks who were there and some were taken by Ayanna and Daddy… I didn’t have my camera with me. Most of the photos were very early in the flood. The three buildings to the far left ended up with over 3 feet of water in them… and in this photo the water hadn’t reached them yet.”

“With Our Cars and My Apartment.”


“Getting the kids out… Wading through the waters to the drier side of the parking lot…”


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21 thoughts on “Atlanta Flood of 2009 – SepiaSaturday #221

  1. And it looks/looked like such a nice apartment complex, too. What a shame. You didn’t say if your daughter moved back into her apt. when they were allowed back in?

  2. Floods are so devastating! What can you do once somethings are saturated with water? Not much. Good that your daughter found another place to live, I’ll bet it was on higher ground….

  3. I don’t know why, because I’ve never experienced a flood like this, but being on high ground was always a criteria for me in choosing a place to live. It must be awful to have one’s lives affected like this.

    1. It was not fun. None of her stuff actually got wet because she was in one of the higher houses. Those built on a slab got totally flooded.

  4. Flooding like that is devastating for so many people. Here in Australia there have been way too many flood events in the past few years , and I don’t know how anyone can deny that climate change is responsible for them occurring more frequently now.

    1. Construction along the creeks here has made run off more likely in that area. Instead of water being absorbed, it runs straight to the creeks. It was a small flood compared to some.

    1. It does sound odd, doesn’t it? I believe it was because in those apts. they had already been underwater and it may have been a bio hazard.

  5. What a mess! And it’s not as if things are suddenly all right when the water recedes — it takes a long time to get rid of the wetness, the damage, etc. Not fun!

  6. It’s never ending isn’t it, all around the world, fires or floods, always someone in trouble from natural causes. Probably the worst flood I’ve suffered from wasn’t from natural causes but from a worn-out washing machine hose ! An interesting story.

    1. We had family who was in New Orleans for Katrina and lost pretty much everything in the house. Now that was devastating.

  7. It’s history for the future isn’t it : long after you and I have faded (old Sepians never die they simply fade away) people will be turning to such photographs and saying “remember when …”

  8. A sad story with stunning pictures that illustrate the damage and distress that flooding can cause, particularly with the loss of precious family items that can never be replaced. My own daughter lives alongside a river and we too worry when there is continuous heavy rain.

  9. Oh my! I’m glad they were able to terminate the lease on their own, but I’m a bit confused about how people could get their stuff if they weren’t allowed in and how management could then throw stuff away if renters didn’t take it with them. It sounds like a Catch 22.

  10. I remember helping clean up in the flood three years ago in Brisbane. It is such an overwhelming feeling when faced with the mess, you just don’t know where to begin. I felt so sorry for the people who lived in flooded areas. Thankfully there were “armies” of people willing to help.

  11. The thought I always have when I see flooded homes is what’s left inside after the water subsides. A nearby town has flooded many times with the water completely submerging many of the one story buildings. When the residents return they are often met with snakes and rats inside of bureaus. It’s a rural area so I guess you could say the creatures are just taking back what was once theirs. Still, would freak me out.

    Sorry your daughter had to go through this mess.

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