Counting Kwanzaa – Ruff Draft 1994

In 1994 we reprinted the following story from Ebony Jr.  Unfortunately, I did not keep the magazine and don’t know the date.  Click on the pages to enlarge for easier reading.

counting kwanzaa1counting kwanzaa 2

4 thoughts on “Counting Kwanzaa – Ruff Draft 1994

  1. I enjoyed this post. It’s fun to look at old stories and cartoons. And, in the process of reading the story, I learned a few things about Kwanzaa.

  2. My uncle Henry was famous in our family for his views on values and status so that cartoon that he sent was perfect. Reading back, I made me remember him.

  3. I love the article and the source brings back memories (Ebony, Jr.) The cartoon is timely; I need to share it on a new platform one of global geeks just launched. It’s so timely <3 May the New Year be filled with lots of new adventures, good news and great memories <3

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