Remembering Dr. Gamble – Words by Dr. Albert B. Cleage

Dr. Gamble died in 1948.  Cousin Jan recently found part of a speech (page 1 is missing)that my grandfather Dr. Albert B. Cleage wrote for Dr. Gamble’s funeral. To read about his life follow this link Dr. Parker Blair Gamble – Solving Mysteries Part I. I wish I could have heard his famous laugh.  Dr. Gamble is 3rd from the right in the header above.  He is wearing a light suit.  My grandfather is first on the right.

Dr. Gamble in front of Freedman's Hospital. My grandparents on the steps.
Dr. Gamble in front of Freedman’s Hospital. My grandparents are on the steps.
Dr. and Mrs. Gamble
Dr. and Mrs. Gamble

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