9 thoughts on “Visit To Minihaha Waterfall, Rabun County GA – Wordless Wednesday

  1. Kristin, fantastic shot of your babies! What a beautiful place and what a great name Minihaha. Glad you had a good time. I’m putting this place on my bucket list.

  2. Wonderful! I’m sitting at the computer at work and I feel a sense of giddy freedom as I see your daughter and grandchildren’s arms outspread and those terraces of rock with water flowing over and down them. Truly, no need for words. Thank you!
    (P.S. I’ve been reading and enjoying your posts but have been crazy busy and haven’t found the time and words to reply–yet. In the meantime, please know I’m still loving them–especially the one with your and your grandmothers’ diaries, and the one about your grandfathers on the steamboats.)

  3. The picture is lovely. It’s intriguing how your family was able stand on a terrace part way up the falls. It looks like a really fun place.

    1. My daughter said there wasn’t any moss. The water was shallow and didn’t sweep them off their feet, although my grandson did fall once and get his pants once. There was a way to get up as far as they did. Some other people, little kids and all, walked up the other side on a path that took them all the way to the top. I will have to work out all year to be able to get up there next year!

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