Yay for Fruitcake!

Me mixing up a batch of fruitcakes in 2009

I didn’t grow up around fruitcake making but there was always some around.  I liked the dark kind not the light, blah type.  I have been making fruitcake for years now.  Sometimes I don’t get it in the mail in time and we end up eating fruitcake through the winter and into spring.  You can see from the large bottle of rum that I not only soak it in spirits but add some in the mixing.  People have already been requesting cakes so I should get started.  Last year I started in November.  This year I’m spending so much time doing posts on Christmas memories that I am not making them this year.  Or maybe the memory will be 2010 – the year I did blog posts.

11 thoughts on “Yay for Fruitcake!

  1. Love the bottle in the foreground! And I love a woman who knows what comes first! The fruitcake sounds wonderful.

  2. i forgot to mention i candy my own peelings too. none of those little strangely colored stuff from the grocery store although i have used the candied pineapple.

  3. zaron and i were talking about this fruitcake yesterday! how about just a limited run for those of us who can't do without it?

  4. i am going to make some. i have to do the peelings. i have to have fruitcake! I just have to blog faster or cook first or something.

  5. I am in the don't like fruitcake camp. Never had homemade, just store brought. I feel a change coming if I got my hands on the real thing.

  6. I never loved fruitcake until I had the fruitcake made by my ex-mother-in-law in Georgia. It was fabulous – made way in advance of the holidays, soaked in rum or whiskey, full of pecans she bought whole from the guy who owned the trees & shelled herself. Labor-intensive and fabulous. She sent us three of them, packed in shelled pecans. We felt rich. (I wish I could taste your fruitcake, Kris, it looks like it's a winner, too!!)

  7. Hmmm…your blog seems to be in the future, Kris. I see the last two comments before I just posted say Dec. 16. I had to look at my computer date to verify it's still the 14th!

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