W is for Wilverlyn Williams


This is my 23rd post for the April A-Z Challenge.  Today I’m going to share a photograph of my husband’s Aunt Wilverlyn. This year she will be celebrating her 88th birthday at the 43rd Annual Chester and Theola Williams Family Reunion.  This is a rare childhood photo of someone in my husband’s family. Wilverlyn was born June 21, 1925 in Dermott, Arkansas.  She was the youngest of the seven children of Arthur Chester and Annie Willie (Butler) Williams. As an adult she moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she worked in the Post Office until retirement and raised her children.  She still lives in Chicago.

Wilverlyn Williams
Wilverlyn Williams

11 thoughts on “W is for Wilverlyn Williams

  1. Is she related to Naomi Williams ?
    She and I went to school together and I see they are both listed at the same address on Chicago’s southside.

      1. I see a lot of Naomi in that picture of Wilverlyn.

        Thanks for responding.
        If you talk to Naomi, tell her her old friend from Grad School says hello.

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