K is for Kindergarten


This is the eleventh post in the April A-Z Challenge.  I am posting a painting that I did in kindergarten. The newspaper I painted on is dated Sunday, September 30, 1951.  It is a want ad page from the Detroit News. A page full of bungalows for sale, not in my neighborhood, but further out in the suburbs.

There are two things that I remember clearly about kindergarten.  I remember walking, as a class, down the block to the playground and playing in the sandbox with several other children. I remember painting on the easel on newspapers every chance I had.  The teacher spoke to my mother about it because she was concerned that I didn’t try other things. My mother told her that I could do everything else they had in the classroom at home.


You can read about my life as a kindergartener in the post A is for Atkinson, from the Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge.

Kris and Pearl about 1951.
Kristin and Pearl about 1951.

29 thoughts on “K is for Kindergarten

  1. The thing i remember most about kindergarten is painting on easel with watercolor paints!

  2. When you look at that picture, it must bring back many memories for you. Well done for 11 blogs on the A-Z challenge.

    1. I can see that corner of the kindergarten room with the easel and me painting but maybe I just made that up and it’s not a memory.

  3. I don’t remember kindergarten at all 🙁

    I was however intrigued yesterday when my granddaughter painted me a butterfly…there are still some of my butterfly drawings on the wall downstairs at ,y parents’ house. Miss Five’s were better though 🙂

    1. I’m sure your butterflies looked just as amazing when you were 5! Don’t forget to frame the best of Miss 5s so they will last on down through the years without crumbling.

  4. I remember pre-school and how I always wanted to stay inside and play on the Sit And Spin when all the other kids were outside playing. We didn’t have one at home, and I really liked it. 🙂

    Happy A-Z!

    1. The most interesting stuff is always what you don’t have, I guess. But the teachers seem to want you to be well rounded.

  5. It is great that you still have that painting and it is very good for Kindergarten. The first sign of creative Kristin?

    The photo of you and your sister is just beautiful but you both seem to have a sadness in your eyes?

    1. They never told us to smile so we just looked regular in photos. Maybe it was nap time. I don’t remember that being a sad time.

    1. I think I did most of my painting in kindergarten. I took the required classes in college but I’m a non-working printmaker. I do intaglio. I guess I haven’t shared anything here. Since I started blogging, I haven’t done any printmaking. I had started again after a break of about 40 years. Maybe I should do a print one and make “P” for printmaking.

  6. Love the painting–bold and filling the page. (And remember Want Ads before the digital era?) Super-cute photo and cheeky expression!

  7. The only reason I still have my kindergarten tree painting is because my mother saved it all those years. I came into it later, when I was old enough to appreciate saving it.

  8. That’s a pretty good painting for such a young kid. I think that’s so wonderful that you still have it.

    Have fun with a-z.

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