Another Picnic – 1960

eddie-gladys-pearl 1960

Eddie Evans, Gladys Cleage Evans, Pearl Cleage.


Eddie Evans, Gladys Cleage Evans, Pearl Cleage, Henry Cleage.

I found these photographs today while looking for another. Gladys and Pearl are eating watermelon while Eddie and Henry are not. This was at the house on Old Plank near Milford, MI, in 1960.

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6 Responses to Another Picnic – 1960

  1. Little Nell says:

    Happy days!

  2. Erikka says:

    wow! Great share. funny looking at this picture. blair sits just like his Dad.

  3. LindaRe says:

    Good to see others love watermelon. Y’all are eating it down to the rind.

  4. Angella says:

    Pearl is enjoying that watermelon!

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