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Dancing To The Jukebox – 1956

dance_chicago_basementA Central Congregational Church Youth Fellowship dance held in the basement of the parsonage at 2254 Chicago Blvd, Detroit. You can see the jukebox there, right under the clock.  I was too young at the time to go to Youth Fellowship, but at other times my sister and I went into the big, empty room with the pictures of the hunt on the wall as we roamed around the huge house.  Those Youth Fellowship members looked so grown t0 10 year old me. Now they look so, so young. Frozen in time.  Dancing to the jukebox.

The Dells singing “Oh What A Night” from 1956.

2254 Chicago Blvd.
The Parsonage – 2254 Chicago Blvd.
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For more Sepia Saturday posts CLICK!