8 thoughts on “Grandfather Cleage at Christmas Time #Wordless Wednesday

    1. Pauleen, he usually looks very serious in his photos. I once made a little album on fb called “Grandfather Smiling” where I shared photos I came across of him smiling . Not too many.

  1. I love the icicles on the tree. I can remember my mother lecturing my brother and me about how icicles should not be “thrown” on the tree, but rather that they should be place on the tree one by one.

    1. I guess that was something mothers taught their kids because everybody says that. I know my mother also was an careful icicle placer. I think I took to it naturally. Can’t remember ever tossing the icicles!

    1. Thank you Cynthia. Gasp! I just finished our tree and I was tempted to become a tosser this year for the first time. The plastic icicles are just so stick-together. grrrr.

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