12 thoughts on “My Mother Smiling In A Hat – 1939 – Detrroit, Michigan

  1. Kris, forgive me for saying so — again — but your Mom was a stone fox. Any idea where this beautiful photo was shot? The building behind her, with the trucks in front of it, looks like a business. Thanx.

    1. I think the sign on the building says “Used Trucks”. It was somewhere in Detroit, were, I don’t know. Looks like she’s dressed for church but was there a used truck place around Plymouth?

  2. Interesting. Perhaps near the old Plymouth, hunh? If I had a hi-res version, I’d study the roofs at left, one of which looks rather unique. Thanx again.

    1. Jo -She did always have great shoes.
      Sheryl – I sometimes like the way other people look in hats, but I don’t like wearing them myself.
      Sandra – I like the dress too.

    1. I just realized that this photo was taken only three years after the one with her sister a few posts back. What a lot of growing up children do from 10 to 13 years.

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