Not A Wedding Photo

I didn’t have a wedding. My parents and grandparents didn’t leave wedding photographs. I thought I would share this recently taken family photograph, the aftermath of 43+ years together.

I suggested we do it because I love to find multigenerational group photos of past generations. I thought we should do one. Now just have to be sure everybody has a hard, labeled copy along with the digital one.

Photo of the family by Deborah Mosely
  • Seated: grandson Sean; granddaughter Sydney; me; husband Jim; Granddaughter Kylett.
  • Second row: daughter Ife, grandson Osaze, granddaughter Abeo, granddaughter Hasina, daughter Ayanna; granddaughter Tatayana; daughter Tulani; son-in-law Abe.
  • Back row: Sean & Sydney’s dad, Mike; daughter Jilo; son Cabral; brother-in-law Mike.
  • Missing are son James and Jim’s daughter Tyra & her Maya and Olivia because they were not in town.

Closing out with music my oldest daughter shared with me today.

37 thoughts on “Not A Wedding Photo

  1. Great start for my Saturday! Been out of touch for a minute. As always your posts cause my heart to smile… Beautiful family and very nice photo!! Congratulations on the “lifetime” experience of marriage and family… Love you guys.

  2. Great picture, with most of the family. Wonderful to see your face!
    thankyou for sharing.

    1. So far almost everyone has digital copies but I want to do labeled hard copies too. Perhaps I should label the digital copies. I have a horror of unlabeled photos once those in the photo are gone.

  3. An absolutely gorgeous photo Kristin! What a wonderful heirloom it will be. We asked our kids for a family photo to celebrate our 40th anniversary, but like you there’s always someone who can’t be there (in our case one of the sons-in-law).

    1. We try to get a family photo when everybody is together but this is the first time we actually organized it. And there is always someone missing. I hope you got all those who could be there in a photo.

  4. how absolutely wonderful. your family will be so happy you made this happen, for generations to come. my favorite photograph in the world is the one of my mom as a 9 year old with her 8 siblings and her parents. All the children in that photograph and past 80 now, or gone from this world. But in that photo, they live on. Your family is lucky to have you and your sense of ancestry and descent. Beautiful, all of you.

  5. Very nice family photo. I have only a few photos of myself with my family. We just never all got together to have a shot taken.

  6. This is a FABULOUS family photo that I know you will cherish forever. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

  7. What a beautiful family. In years to come, this photo will mean even more as the grandchildren grow up and they will be glad to have a copy of this family treasure. Enjoyed the video also. 🙂

  8. A beautiful family photo indeed. The type that every family should document and treasure.
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. I love the idea (and the photo). You are quite right, we tend not to have multi-generational photos these days outside the context of formal occasions like weddings.

  10. Great idea Kristin, and you nearly had everybody in it, so that’s quite an achievement. Very wise to label it for the future too. Just look at all the photos we have where no-one knows who one or two of the faces are. I wish I’d been better at labelling.

  11. A beautiful composition with the heart shape and of course the tree for symbolism. Perfect spin for the theme. Did you use a professional photographer?

  12. What a happy family gathering, captured in the photograph. Future family historians will thank you for preserving the occasion.

  13. The Sepia of the Future!!!
    I see you are preparing for the generations ahead.
    Surely they’ll be glad you did!!
    Enjoyed the vid too!!

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