Babies in Buggies

Gladys and Barbara Cleage – Scotten Avenue, Detroit, 1923.
My mother Doris, Baby Howard and Poppy – Theodore Street, Detroit 1930..
Me and sister Pearl. King Street, Springfield, Massachusetts, 1949.
Daughters Jilo and Ife. Cascade Road, Atlanta- 1973
My daughter Ife with twins, Sydney and Sean -Hill Street, Seattle, 2004 .
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34 thoughts on “Babies in Buggies

  1. These pictures are so precious! The one of you and your sister I find especially darling.

  2. There is nothing better than a good stroller … unless of course it is filled with beautiful babies such as those in your family. Thanks for sharing these with us!

    Kathy M.

      1. I remember throwing a particularly bad one in a trash can in Ohare Airport during our cross country trip with 1 year old Sean & Syd…

  3. Photos of babies in prams with doting older siblings looking on should be a category all on their own! I like the first one of Gladys and Barbara, for the expressions on their faces as much as for the wicker pram.

  4. Oh! Ace Photos! Yes, the expressions are lovely……something about a Buggy focusing ,literally, and giving” direction”! Anticipating a Journey!

  5. Everyone looks so comfortable in their pics… I bet you could’ve posted a similar assortment of squirming babes in buggies… Love your mother’s smile…

  6. This makes the perfect pictorial history of baby carriages. I really like the photo of you and Pearl because you are being such a good big sister propping the baby up for her photo op.

  7. I can remember pushing my brother (and later dolls) around in a buggy that was almost identical to the one in the 1949 picture. Thanks for the memories.

  8. What wonderful photos to have in your family collection. I love the progression of bringing them down through the ages.

    Dee at Shakin’ the Family Tree

  9. What an interesting history of baby strollers. And also a beautiful collection of babies.

  10. Love these, and what a cool touch at the end with the modern day seen all around town stroller!

  11. The wicker prams are interesting. I never knew they existed untilthis week’s theme. Your daughter must have her hands full with those two.

    1. They’re 8 now and not quite as big a handful as when they were babies. Two babies at once is definitely different than one at a time.

  12. I especially love photo number 3 and the one of your daughter and the twins. She looks like a strong lady, like her Mum 🙂

  13. Love the wicker carriage, the photo with Daddy written across the top and the tender
    moment captured between you and your darling sister

  14. I am happy to see that every photo has gotten at least one “vote”. And sort of surprised that the photo of me and my baby sister is so popular. Not that this is a contest or anything.

  15. I like them all! Each one links to the other like a parade of prams! The last one was a fun surprise and you must look at my blog entry to see why.

  16. I’m sorry but, prams may be the theme, but the hat in the first picture steals the show. Too cute!! Great series on the theme, and your daughter must have had her hands full, what with twins!! My fave is the 1930 pram. Looks like a smart design.

    1. My aunt Barbara has always been fashionable. And still is today in her 90s. I like that buggy too and wonder where it went.

  17. This post made me oooh, aaaah and smile. Just gorgeous. It is hard to pick a favourite but I would say that it is the one of you and your sister. To me it seems to show a special bond and that your mother had taught you to support babies neck 🙂
    Another enjoyable post. Thank you.

  18. Your 1930 pram looks exactly like the one in my photo. I am pretty sure it was the one my grandmother had used for her own children. Great group of photos.

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